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News from Chile is a collection of curated news stories, analyses, data-driven stories and research reports important to understand Chile, in its economic, social and governmental ways.

This could be relevant if you are interested in investing, living, reviewing the different topics of discussion on this country or, simply, if you are concerned in knowing with a deeper look at what is happening in Chile.

Chile's history has been turned upside down in different historical cycles. From commercial, ideological and social struggles, the planet has seen Chile emerge again and again from its crises.

Here we will give you an answer to those moments, from a current perspective, in order to better understand the events that are taking place in this long and narrow land.


Matías Jara is a data and soccer fanatic journalist. Made his career in investigative and data journalism media outlets such as CIPER Chile, The Clinic, Ojo Público, La Tercera, Teletrece, TVN and Mega. You can check out the full archive here.

Always with the idea of generating a better context, content and data so that citizens and political power can make better decisions.

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